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May 11, 2011

The Real Storm

by pastortimfowler

So last night I did a short blog about a storm of life, but little did I know that God was going to show me a real storm. Somewhere around 1am the first really loud clap of thunder rolled and woke me up. For the next couple of hours I was awake trying to calm the dogs. It was funny, I had no anxiety at all. I started thinking about how I had earlier blogged about a trial in my life that was testing my faith and my joy and peace. I think I am passing that one, but sometimes it is good to let others know that you aren’t as strong as you think. But as I was just reading my Bible this morning, I was reminded that when I am weak, God is strong and He is the source of all strength.
As the winds blew and the lightning flashed and the thunder shook the house, the power went out. As of 10am today it is still out at my house. It is funny how much noise little things make and when you lose power how quiet it can be. Quiet inside, but outside it allowed me to hear every raindrop and every limb that cracked.
I had heard that these were bad storms and that there was a chance of developing tornadoes. In the past few weeks other states have suffered incredible damage from storms and many lives were lost. As I lay in bed listening to the storm I was thinking about them. But it never crossed my mind that we could be in danger. God had given me an incredible peace and I just listened in amazement. I was not hearing God in the storm I was hearing His still calming voice. But wow He sure can create some awesome power.
I was told as a child that you can count from the time that you see the lightning until the time that you hear the thunder and for each second it takes to hear it, it equals about one mile of distance to where the lightning strikes. There were many times that I did not have to count. When you hear the thunder as soon as you see the lightning, you know that it is close. But as the storm moved on, that is what amazed me. There were times when I counted to ten before I heard the noise and then the low, long, window rattling rumble would start. To think that something that happened ten miles away could shake my windows with such intensity is amazing. The power of a storm is incredible. To think that a mighty oak tree can be slit in half by a lightening bolt or better yet, blown over by the wind is mind-boggling. These storms were nothing compared to what happened in other states in the past few weeks or the earthquake and tidal wave in Japan. All of this and it doesn’t even compare to the power of God who not only makes the storms but makes the universe that these storms exist in.
God has an incredible ability to allow devastating natural events to take place and in the middle of it all to allow His calm and protecting power to show up in great miracles and better yet, the small ones that we often take for granted in the way He just calms us in the midst of the real storm.

May 11, 2011


by pastortimfowler

Sometimes God puts you to the test. Is your faith strong? Do you trust Me? Do you still find the joy and peace, even in the storm? I know that we are all tested and yours truly is not excluded.

I think if I could rewind the whole day I would have chosen to over sleep instead of being punctual. I think I would have gone on a long ride on the bike and found a lake to sit by for a while. Then I would have had a great lunch with my wife and we would laugh as we look forward to the rest of the day. After lunch, I would have read my Bible and prayed some happy prayers and maybe even called a friend just to say I am thinking about you. But that is not the way it has gone, all the way through late this evening as I finally get to stop long enough to do a quick blog.
I was told this was therapeutic and that it would help me get some stress out. I will let you know; one day.
My faith is strong. Yes, I trust God. My joy and peace are pretty good, even in the storm. I thank God for His patience as I live the life that He has given me. But my flesh and bones…right now they are just saying, “blah”.