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May 9, 2011

Black, White, and Shades of all

by pastortimfowler

I have been asked to participate in the planning of a city-wide revival in Rock Hill SC. The goal is to have black, white and Hispanic churches come together to show unity and Christ’s love to all. I am really excited about this and a bit overwhelmed at the task. I know that with God all things are possible, but I also know that with man all things can get messed up.
I love church. It is the heart of Jesus after His heart for those who are lost. Jesus said that He would build His church and nothing, not even Hell would stop Him. Then He goes and puts me in the middle of things as a pastor, and now part coordinator for this event. I know that He knows everything and that He would never ask me to do anything that He doesn’t plan on being successful, but wow, this is big.
In everyday life, white people, black people and other shades of people are really different. Many whites don’t like blacks and Hispanics, many blacks don’t like whites and Hispanics, and many Hispanics don’t like blacks and whites. Those are the stupid people. (Lighten up, I am not talking about you). It is sad that many of those who don’t like others who are a different color go to church on Sunday and claim to be Christians. That is hard to understand because Christ died for all colors of people and not just the color of our choosing.
I love that churches do have such diversity. Some are black, some are white, some are Hispanic, and some have shades of all. I love the black churches that I have preached in. I love the Hispanic churches I have preached in. I love the white churches I have preached in. I love the multi-colored churches I have preached in. What do they all have in common? I preached in them. I guess that just says that I love to preach. But I do love the people in each one of them. And I know that they all showed me a lot of love.
The problem that I see is that once church is over we get caught up in life. An life says that we are different and no one can deny it. Differences are often turned into right and wrong instead of an appreciation of the differences as God’s creation and appreciating them. False assumptions often fuel the fire that one color hates the other color and in the end people see a church divided instead of a Savior that loves them all.
God is going to have His way. We need to understand that we can be part of His way or moved out-of-the-way and become insignificant. I want to be used by God in any way He sees fit. Of course I would often like it if He would check with me and get my input before we do anything. (Like that’s gonna happen).
I do love the church. I love people who make up the church and I would love it if we could get together and pour out God’s love from every color of person God has created. Please pray for this event. Pray for wisdom and blessing to make it happen. Pray for people to come together in unity and God’s love and forget about skin color for a little while.
On Sunday we can have an all white or black or Hispanic meeting. But when church is over Sunday morning until we meet again, everyone who was not in one of those churches Sunday needs to see Jesus, not a person of any specific ethnicity. Jesus died for all sin and for all people and he loves black, white, and shades of all.