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May 6, 2011

Mother’s Day

by pastortimfowler

Mother’s day is always a great time to recognize how awesome God is. He created man in His image and from man He made woman. That woman, Eve, was the mother of all humanity. I think that God made Eve a mom because moms are the closest picture of God’s grace one can find without experiencing God’s grace personally. I think it is that nurturing that causes us all to know that kind of love has to come from God whether we admit it or not.
My own mother was an amazing woman. As a small child she was the type that thought children should have fun. She would play in the front yard with all the kids in the neighborhood. Our house was the hangout for kids because of her. Even if we were sick and a great fun opportunity arose, she did not let us miss it.
In the south where I grew up, it does not snow much at all. When it does, everything shuts down and kids are out of school. Those who have sleds rush out to use them because the snow rarely lasts more than a day or two. I was 7 years old that year and it was the big snow and sleet storm of the year. we got about 2 inches of each and it was the perfect combination for sledding, and we had sleds. The only problem was that I had the flu. I was so sick that I had already missed a couple of days of school and the day it snowed was probably my worst day with a fever of 104. As my brother and sister were getting ready to go sledding, mom came to my room and told me to get up and get ready to go sledding. She said the snow was going to break that fever and if it didn’t I would forget about feeling so miserable by all the fun I had. Guess what. The fever broke and I slept like a 7-year-old the rest of the day and night. Mom knew that was a once a year and for some a once in a lifetime chance and she didn’t even let the flu stop me from have fun.
Mom died in early 1997 from cancer. Even in her death she was a fun person. She did not want sympathy but would rather have you laugh. So this Mother’s Day if you see me laughing, I’m not as crazy as you think, I am just remembering her.
My children are very blessed to have a great mom too. They have me to thank because I picked her out of a crowd of hundreds who wanted to be my wife. But this is a Mother’s Day blog so I will just talk about her now.
My wife is what a mom should be, full of grace and love of life and an incredible desire to see children happy. Proverbs says that a godly woman will have her children rise up and call her blessed, an I think that has happened more than once for my wife. Her love for children is amplified when it comes to our children’s children, (grandkids for those of you who are struggling). They believe that Mimi is God’s gift to them and they are probably right. I can’t wait to see her with our children’s children’s children, (great grandkids). Jesus commands to give a desire to meet Him to the children and my wife does. I think Jesus is very happy with her.
I could not have designed a better mother for my children. But here is something you may find weird. She thinks that she is my mother. Always telling me what to do and telling me what to wear and how to eat. She treats me like I’m a big kid or something. And I love it!
Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms who show God’s grace in such a special way!