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May 5, 2011

Do whatever you want

by pastortimfowler

I was talking with a good friend the other day about how some Christians think that they can do whatever they want because they believe that they won’t and can’t lose their salvation. First let me say that I too believe that salvation is not something that you can lose. We are not saved from a one time sin, we are saved from facing the Righteous Judge and His penalty for sin and this happens when we are born again and our Judge becomes our Father. Your father will always be your father no matter how stupid you are. But that is not the purpose of this blog.
This idea that we can sin freely because God’s grace covers our sin has been something that has been in people’s mind from the beginning of the church. The Apostle Paul wrote about this in Romans when he said this: (Romans 6:1-2) What should we say then? Should we continue to sin so that God’s kindness (grace) will increase? That’s unthinkable! As far as sin is concerned, we have died. So how can we still live under sin’s influence?
Salvation is not your insurance from going to Hell. It is your undeserved rescue from Hell. God loves us that much. He does not want anyone to die and go to Hell so He made the way to become His child. When you become a child of God you pass from a criminal who broke the law to a child that needs to be raised. Fathers are good at discipline though. It is how we learn to be good children. But every child still has free will to accept the Father’s discipline in love or rebel further.
So if you are a “child of God” and you are not being disciplined for sinning freely and openly because you know God won’t send you to Hell, you may want to consider whether or not you are truly a child at all. (Proverbs 3:11-12) Do not reject the discipline of the Lord, my son, and do not resent his warning, because the Lord warns the one he loves, even as a father warns a son with whom he is pleased. God does discipline His children. If you are not receiving discipline, you might not be His child.
Becoming a Christian comes with many challenges and many misunderstandings. I do believe that someone can become a Christian and not act like one. But that comes with regret and conviction for that person. I believe that you can become a Christian and be taught wrong by the leaders that you chose to follow, because, like a child, we often pick people to hang out with that mom and dad don’t approve of. But I also believe that many people play a dangerous game of thinking they can fool God by saying a prayer and going to church. If you do this with the idea that you now have a free pass to sin like you always have, then be prepared to be judged like you were always going to be.
A friend once told me that he made a wish for a new Corvette, then parked his bicycle in the garage and closed the door. A week later when he opened the door, he still had a bicycle. Saying a prayer and going to church without the faith to accept God as your Father is no different.
So to test your salvation experience, it is pretty simple. Keep in mind that God will correct His children for rebellious acts just like a loving father corrects his children, and this is how He shows His love. To see if you are His child, go ahead, do whatever you want.

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