Is that enough?

by pastortimfowler

There are about 600 churches in the Rock Hill, SC area. The population of Rock Hill,SC is about 66,000. That means that each church could have 1100 people attending on any given Sunday if we split the population evenly. Sounds good to me.
Is that enough churches for Rock Hill or any town USA? I know that few churches can seat 1000 people. My church can seat about 200 at one worship time. That would mean that I could have 5 worship times and still not reach my 1100 people. Most churches do not have that capability to seat 1000 plus people at one time, so maybe we need to have church more often. Why do we only have church on Sunday around 11am anyway? Is that enough?
I know you are thinking that not everyone in Rock Hill is going to go to church so we don’t need that many churches or that big of churches or that many worship times. But if you are thinking that way you are not thinking like God is thinking. He would have no problem if everyone in Rock Hill, or your city, went to church. In fact, He is just waiting on His people to get the same attitude. I believe God could and would get everyone in any city, in any country, to attend worship if those who claim to be Christians would act like going to church to worship was as great as God wants it to be.
Jonah, the dude that was swallowed by a great fish, was told to preach to a city called Nineveh. He didn’t want to because they were a very evil city. But after God did a little persuading, Jonah went back and preached to them and according to the Bible the whole city turned to God. FYI, Nineveh was a city of about 250,000 people. So if one man can have that kind of effect on a city and he did it reluctantly, how much of an effect can several thousand people have, who love God with all their hearts? Is that enough?
God says that it is His desire to see every soul receive forgiveness and salvation. He did not say that He would turn everyone to Him but that the task was given to those who love Him. I think they call them Christians, the church.
On the day of Pentecost there were only about 120 believers in church. They were used to add thousands the first day to the church and then daily others were added as God used them to spread the word. Is that enough?
I am so grateful to those who call themselves members of a local church. I appreciate the way they give to keep the buildings looking nice, the lawns well-groomed, the classes well furnished and seats semi-occupied. I love those in my church who tell others that they go to The Body on Sundays. I am grateful for the ones who help do all the work that is needed to keep our building functioning as a place of worship. But, is that enough?
God loves the church. He has no particular feelings for any building that is called a church. His church is made up of people who have been saved from the judgment of sin by God’s grace and made His children by a new birth through the power of His Spirit. God’s church is people who have been forgiven and changed and given the awesome responsibility to share God’s love with a world that needs to know the truth. The truth that God loves us and that it is so much better to be a child of God than not. It is how we love each other that people will know we are His disciples. It is how we love those who are not like us that they will know that our love is from God.
I don’t know about you, but I want to reach our part of those 66,000 people in Rock Hill, SC. I will be glad to take the responsibility of reaching others portion too. I want every one of the 66,000 plus people in Rock Hill, SC to know the love of Jesus Christ, but is that enough? You will have to pardon the graphic nature of my next statement, but my dad often said to me, Tim, want in one hand and poop in the other and see which one gets full the fastest.
Wanting, is that enough? No. I need to do my part of actively showing that God is better than anything this old world can offer. Do You get what I am saying? Is that enough?


3 Comments to “Is that enough?”

  1. I think your math is a bit off! If there are 600 churches and there are 66,000 people in the city, that would mean each church could have 110 people in it… NOT 1,100 like you have stated.

    That makes a HUGE difference especially for many different points you make in the rest of your post.

  2. It was brought to my attention that my math was way off. That is the problem with me trying to multi-task and I need to correct the figures. The numbers I was given are more like 200-250 churches in our city not the 600 that I used. That only changes the math, not the thought behind the blog, but thanks for bringing it to my attention. I am not sure why I wrote the 600, maybe because the other # was 66,000 and it just looked good. My bad!

  3. I don’t care if there are 600 churches or 200 churches…there’s a church for everyone in the Rock Hill are SOMEWHERE in North and South Carolina….we’re in the BIBLE BELT, for crying out loud!
    We can spread THE WORD, we can share our testimonies, we can invite people along, we can even urge them along….in the end, it’s up to them to come…just like it’s an alcoholics decision to get help…..but, we shouldn’t stop spreading, sharing, inviting or urging! 🙂

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