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May 2, 2011

A time to kill.

by pastortimfowler

In the book of Ecclesiastes chapter 3, we are told that there is a time for everything under the sun including a time to kill. You don’t know how many times I have read that and struggled with it. I have tried to remember that in the Old Testament God gave specific instructions to the armies of His people and told them at times to kill, and I am sure that has something to do with it, but, the Bible is timeless in its applications. As Christians we are to try to live peacefully with people and we are to love even our enemy and that makes it hard to find a time to kill.
So if we look to the New Testament it is very difficult to find a place to that says it is time to kill. That is why some Christians think they need to be pacifists and look like wimps. I disagree though. God has never wanted His people to look the weakest people on the planet. Instead He has always wanted us to be powerful under His strength and might. So I was doing some reading in Luke chapter 22 and Jesus tells his followers to buy a sword. No, He is not talking about a spiritual sword, He means a real one that could kill someone. You see when you are about doing what is right, people who do what is wrong will fight you. We need to be ready to fight for what is right if necessary.
I know that there are some who are saying, ‘Jesus didn’t fight’ and that is true, but He only refrained from the physical resistance of going to the cross. The ultimate fight was with death and Jesus won that fight by “killing” death. You and I are not being crucified for the world’s sin. We are to win souls by telling others of Jesus and His victory. But what if someone tries to stop you from doing that? Do we just lay down and roll over or do we fight? I say we fight. And I say we have God’s blessing if that fight becomes a physical one. Wow, I think I may have just started a Rednecks for Jesus movement. I am not saying if someone doesn’t want you to tell them about Jesus that you beat the snot out of them and kill them. This really has to do with a much bigger event.
What is all this about? Well today, we awoke to the news that Bin Laden was killed. Although most are rejoicing I am sure that some are struggling with killing anyone. But he was evil. He was against the cause of Christ. His religion was against Christianity and they sought to kill Christians and anyone who supported them. I believe this is a perfect example of when God was behind killing someone. God hates evil. I know that God would have rather had Bin Laden repent from his ways and find forgiveness in Christ, and I am sure that he had a chance to hear that message, but it didn’t happen and the God of justice who says ‘if you live by the sword you will die by the sword’ exacted justice on Bin Laden.
We, the USA, are a Christian nation, and many will seek to destroy us. We do our best to live in peace and help when it is needed. No other country does more in the name of helping humanity in a disaster than the USA. We give like no other nation. We help like no other nation. But when we need to fight, we do that like no other nation. I my humble opinion, this was, a time to kill.

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