Is the Easter Bunny a lie?

by pastortimfowler

Sorry for the down time, but nature called. No, not the bathroom, scuba diving. I took a 3 day trip to Florida for some fossil hunting with a few close friends and my son. I had a blast, got rested and now I am ready to get back to keeping the world informed.

While I was gone there were a few good blog ideas that were sent to me on Facebook. One was about the idea of the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, and Santa and if it was a lie to tell our kids about them.
I want people to pay attention in church and when they do pay attention I want them to be able to live a more Godly life. I try to teach that too often we try to make the Bible more difficult than it is. When God says to tell the truth, that is what He means. So where does that leave the Easter Bunny? Is the Easter Bunny a lie?
This could be fun for my vegan friends. To think that they read my blogs and I get to say stuff like, rabbits are for eating not bringing baskets of candy and eggs. ROFL, or for those who are not as abbreviation savvy as I am, that means “rolling on floor laughing”. Oh wait! That in not true. I am not literally rolling on the floor. I think I just lied. See how easy it is to confuse sarcasm, exaggeration, and even abbreviation, as lies? As you can see, this thing about lying can be a difficult one to be truly literal about. But I still love fried rabbit.
We have to be careful what we teach our kids and how far we go with things that are such big events in their lives. Christmas and Easter should be big events in a kid’s life but for different reasons than they have come to be. These are the two biggest Christian events that we can teach. The virgin birth of our Savior and the death and resurrection of our Savior. But ask most kids what they mean and who it is about and you get Santa and the Rabbit.
For those who don’t know, I will never condemn someone for participating in these two traditions. I never cared for the Rabbit thing because that to me is just a big slap in the face to Christians from the secular world. It is very difficult to get from a crucified Savior and His resurrection to a Rabbit bringing candy and eggs. I would choose to teach my kids about Jesus and give them candy to reinforce that truth than to support a real stretch of the imagination. Besides, rabbits do not care about people getting candy. They are better pan-fried with a little garlic or kept as pets that do nothing more than make a mess. FYI, I don’t like rabbits as pets.
Santa is a fantasy based on some truth. Saint Nicholas was a real man who did take gifts to children. He was a Christian and from what I can find, someone who believed in helping and giving to others.
Santa is easy to explain as a fun fantasy for kids and easy to bring in the real teaching of the holiday. We can tell our children about the real man who started the tradition and how it was his love of Jesus that compelled him to do what he did. We can explain that it is fun to imagine him flying around the world helping others and a sleigh and 8, (9) if you count Rudolf, reindeer. I think children can have just as much fun with the fantasy and not have to present it as fact. And it is easy to take what “Santa” does and teach our children to be givers.
In case you were wondering, I never eat reindeer.
What I am saying is that as parents we have a responsibility to allow kids to be kids. Indulging in fantasy and having creative imaginations are perfectly normal. When we present fiction as fact, we risk confusing them and yes, we lie to them. Often this presents a dilemma for parents who become Christians years after having children and have been teaching them about Santa and the Rabbit. But kids appreciate the truth and done with love, they can be told the truth. After all, most lies are done with the intent of deception for personal gain. Not that it is right, but Santa and the Rabbit are more childhood fantasy than lies for personal gain. Unlike trolls and monsters and fairies which we do tell our kids are not real…unless its the TOOTH FAIRY!
So what about the Tooth Fairy? Please, do I have to tell you what I think about that? We all know that she is not really a she, but rather one of Santa’s elves who was fired for stealing and went to work for the Easter Bunny, but quit because the money was fake too, and ended up going into business for his self as a cross-dresser who in the day time posts weird, “important” stuff on Facebook for everyone to re-post if they really care.
Let me know what you think. Is the Easter Bunny a lie?

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5 Comments to “Is the Easter Bunny a lie?”


  2. Ok…YOU!!! First of all, I’ll have you know that rabbits are a very intelligent animal! They are loving and sensitive and even loyal. They can learn to respond to commands….they can learn to use a litter box….they have many forms of body language that explain what they’re feeling…. NOT to mention, they’re sweet and furry and super cute!!!
    I’ll be fair and share that IF you kill a (sweet, furry, intelligent, super cute) rabbit (in a “humane” way), their flesh is actually quite healthy and low on saturated fat. It MUST be prepared thoroughly and properly, though, or you’re taking a chance of getting very sick….which, to a vegan is…never mind.

    The plan has been to raise our son on the same traditions we were raised on. Which, in a nutshell, is lies about the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and Santa being real, live “people” that deliver goods while we sleep.

    I know it’s not that our parents INTENDED to lie to us, or mislead us…it’s that they, too, were carrying on the traditions as each of their previous generations had done.

    BUT, when it comes down to it, those common traditions ARE lies, formed by man and reinforced (if not FORCED) by the media upon that particular ‘holiday’ (seemingly more and more every year). Each generation, however fun the tradition may be, is being fed lies…and a lot of it, is in order to make a buck.
    Sure, it’s fun to watch our kids get all excited about the giant rabbit who brings them chocolate eggs…or the oversized jolly man that brings them gifts….or the chick with wings that trades them money for their teeth. But, the retail world doesn’t care about the joy your child feels, they care about how much mom and dad are spending in order to feed that joy!
    I think that joy can still be there, with some honest creativity and truth about the meaning of these ‘holidays’ and ‘events’….and without taking out a loan in order to GIVE your child that ‘holdiday/event’ “joy”.

    Know what (it’s the vegan’s turn! lol!!<-literally)? It's much like the food industry. Newsflash folks: you don't NEED meat for protein…you don't NEED dairy for calcium. You WON'T develop osteoporosis if you don't drink X glasses of milk a day, MUCH to the contrary, actually. It's all lies we carry over from our parents, who got it from their parents….but, they don't know they're lies, because they're not taught the truth. …Just like, I don't know the truth about HOW or WHERE the tradition of the Easter Bunny came from. I don't really KNOW the truth about Saint Nicholas. I don't know WHY somebody came up with a fairy that comes in the night and handles your pillow. And, if you REALLY think about it, it is a little bit freaky that these "people" are coming into your house while you're fast asleep! And, I didn't really KNOW the truth about sin and Christianity.
    The food lies are also being fed to each generation (again, more and more) (and, again, which feeds it to the next generation, who feeds it to the next generation, and on and on…. All so 'the man' can make a buck.
    I keep mentioning the marketing media and retail world we live in, because I personally think they're a HUGE reason we keep the 'common' traditions that we do.

    Kind of the same theory of 'keeping up with the Jones'. If Bob and Shirley Jones are buying their kid a Wii and 10 $60 games to go with it, a new 4 wheeler and a weekend trip to the beach for Christmas, my 5 Dollar Store toys, a used game from Amazon and a weekend trip to the beach during the summer, when we were really planning to go anyway, doesn't seem so "fair".
    Well, I don't want to CARE about being "fair". I want MY son to have some creative traditions, but in an truthful kind of way..and I want him to KNOW the REAL meanings of these 'holidays'.

    I think it IS easier said that done…because traditions tend to be fun, but also comfortable….but, I also think it CAN be done to start your own traditions.
    Soooo…..being that our son is 4…..we haven't dealt with the Tooth Fairy, yet. So, there's nothing to be 'fixed' there. I'll just have to study up on the history of that, and come up with our own tradition.
    The Easter Bunny didn't even come up this year…because I was feeling confused on how to handle it. So, I have a full year to decide on our new tradition. Easy 'fix'.
    Santa…this will be a challenge. The kid knows the traditional story of Santa, well. Not an easy 'fix', but certainly 'fixable'….and I'll work on that!

    GREAT blog! And, you KNOW you loved my rambling response! 😉
    (PS, please don't block me from being able to post any more comments!) lol!!!

  3. I love it! My husband and I have been debating the Tooth Fairy. He wants to be honest with our kids (ages 3 & 5) and I feel like the Tooth Fairy is one we can happily “do” because it doesn’t interfere with a religious holiday and take the focus off what we are teaching our kids is the “reason for the season.” Our 3 year old is getting a premature tooth fairy visit next week thanks to having an injured tooth extracted… thus our tooth fairy discussions. (Oh and if you are ever in need of some good tooth info, this Mom’s Guide has been super helpful to us.) And we won’t tell our kids how the tooth fairy got her job! 😉 Hilarious!!

  4. Proverbs 6:16-19
    There are six things which the LORD hates,
    Yes, seven which are an abomination to Him:
    17 Haughty eyes, a lying tongue,
    And hands that shed innocent blood,
    18 A heart that devises wicked plans,
    Feet that run rapidly to evil,
    19 A false witness who utters lies,
    And one who spreads strife among brothers.

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