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April 19, 2011

Treasure hunting

by pastortimfowler

Most of the day today I have been trying to get ready to go on a short vacation with a few friends. We are heading to Venice Beach, Fl. for a dive trip. It is called the shark tooth capital of the world and that is what we are going to look for. Not just regular teeth but rather prehistoric teeth from an extinct species of shark called the Megalodon. Some of the teeth we hope to find are as big as 7 inches long. They say this shark was a big as a Greyhound Bus.
Since I am leaving bright and early in the morning and it is a 10 hour drive, I am not sure if I will blog anymore the rest of the week. I am taking my laptop and hope to squeeze in one but not making any promises. It is supposed to be a vacation of sort but I will be spending some time preparing for Easter services. I rarely take time off before Easter because it is such an important time in the Christian faith, but my good friend an I have been wanting to make this dive for years and this is the first time that it worked out for both of us to go.
Vacation is a time to relax and appreciate God’s creation. I will be doing that. I find very little as relaxing as swimming under the ocean and treasure hunting. These teeth we hope to find are valuable. Some of the bigger ones in good shape can bring hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. To think that something died that long ago and it can still have that much of an effect on me now. Now that is real value.
You know, Jesus died a long time ago, and although I never expect to find His fossilized remains, He still brings value into my life. I find value in the fact that He created such a magnificent planet that I can have such fun and even find remains of creatures that He created that are no longer around. But better than that, I can find forgiveness for everything that I have ever messed up. I can find favor with a holy God that without this forgiveness I would never have. I find peace in troubled times and joy in living my life for Him. These are treasures that have no price tag. They can’t be bought. They are free to anyone who would ask for them.
Everyone has heard that Jesus died on a cross. It is not hard to believe, because everyone knows death is real. Jesus chose to die in my place and yours, because of our sin against God. But He didn’t leave it at that. Jesus did the unthinkable, the impossible, the unimaginable: He resurrected from death. He did this so that all who ask to be forgiven can find this treasure called eternal life. It is a gift. Not earned nor bought, but given upon asking.
There is only one catch. We must ask in belief that God does forgive and Jesus did die for our sin and that He does give life when we ask.
I have never been to Venice beach to look for these shark’s teeth. I have never personally seen someone who has any of these teeth. The reason I am going to look for them is because I believe they are there. The only reason you do anything that has a risk is because you believe the risk is worth it.
Years ago I went looking for forgiveness and found it in Jesus Christ. The risk was worth it. I found something as real as the teeth I hope to find. I found a God who loves me and forgives me and gave me a treasure worth hunting.
This Easter, why not try to find forgiveness, and why not try to find this loving God. He died for your sin too and better yet, He lives to give you a life that never ends.
It is time to go treasure hunting!