Sin is sin

by pastortimfowler

I recently was sent a video of a guy saying that Christians need to get over our anti-gay agenda. He quoted that we ignore commands to not eat certain things and that Jesus said to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. So here we go, this is my blog on homosexuality or at least a response to what I consider an ignorant person when it comes to God and His word.

First of all, the Old Testament laws were given to the Jews. The food laws and ceremonial laws were for them only. The law was also given so that all humanity realizes that we are law breakers, sinners. Romans 3:20 says this… Not one person can have God’s approval by following Moses’ Teachings. Moses’ Teachings show what sin is.

The New Testament is a promise that Jesus fulfilled those laws and now we live under grace. Grace is not a free pass to sin. It is a provision given to God’s children who are born again by faith in Christ and his death to pay for our sin and His resurrection to defeat death. His Holy Spirit makes us God’s children when ask for forgiveness and accept our place as helpless sinners saved by God’s grace.
Fulfilling the law means completing all parts of the law. For instance, we know that speed limits are part of the law. Going faster than the posted limit breaks that law. The law also says that for breaking the law there is a penalty, in this case usually a fine. The law in not complete until the penalty has been paid. I can pay it or someone who has compassion for me can pay it but either way it must be paid. That is what Jesus did for all law breakers. He paid the fine, death.

There are still the same consequences for sin today as there were in the beginning with Adam and Eve. The laws have not changed. Sin still has a fine to be paid. The fine is death. But God’s gift is forgiveness and life and He will allow Jesus to pay that fine with His death.

What sin causes this death? One would definitely be homosexuality. Others would be lying, stealing, murder, idolatry, and many others that we could name. Homosexuality is no worse sin that any other, yet it still a sin.

When we are born again God forgives the death we owe and begins to change us as we grow in our Christianity. Some people are able to overcome some sins quicker that other sins. I personally overcame drunkenness but it took me about 8 years. None of us are ever able to never sin again, but we are expected to try.

Sexual sins also include adultery, incest and bestiality. Jesus said that if even looked on a woman in lust we have sinned. He has perfection as His standard of judgment, we can only judge that same way. However we lack perfection in ourselves and must refer back to God and His word to seek that guidance.

It is sad that there are some Christians that condemn those who struggle to overcome a certain sin. Jesus told a woman who was caught in the act of adultery that He did not condemn her, but did tell her to stop doing what she was accused of. He also said that anyone who was without sin could cast the first stone and no one was able to do so.

Condemnation is not what Jesus asks of His people. He did say to love even those who were our enemy. He loves sinners, no matter the sin. But He does promise that He will forgive all sin when asked or He will judge all sin if not asked. Romans 6:23 says, “The payment for sin is death, but the gift that God freely gives is everlasting life found in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

It is a dangerous thing to flaunt any sin in the face of God though. No matter how we try to twist things, the Bible clearly states what some specific sins are, with no ifs, and, or buts. God is gracious, but expects us to begin to agree with Him, not the world, about our sin and begin to seek His help to overcome it. No matter the sin. Any sex outside of marriage is sinful, so yes homosexuality is a sin. Not for me to judge and yes I am to love the sinner, no matter the sin.So if we take all sexuality out of the picture, we still have a lot of sin to deal with, thanks be to Jesus for paying the price for ALL.

To throw a blanket over all Christians as homophobes or needing to “get over” something like that is just as wrong as throwing a blanket over all homosexuals as perverts and the worst of all sinners. So know that all have sinner and come short of God’s glory, I think if we look closely we will find forgiveness as a common ground.

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  1. Great post!

    This has really got me thinking.

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