Free to Speak

by pastortimfowler

Today a good friend of mine is going to preach in a public forum in Saudi Arabia. He was invited by the only known Christian church in that country and they have government approval to hold this public event. This is a country that routinely imprisons Christians and it is not uncommon to see them killed. My request is for you to pray for him. I know that by the time most read this he will have finished his sermon and moved on, but God will still be working, so pray that lives are changed today in this country.
In the USA, we face a different danger. Last time I checked it was not illegal to preach the Gospel in our country. We can still tell others, even government officials that we are follower of Jesus Christ and not be punished. I guess my question is, why don’t we? Why do so many American Christians hide their Christianity in a country that allows us to display it? I think the danger is not from being imprisoned by man but rather by our lack of passion for the Gospel. what is the danger there? Disobedience to God.
Could it be that we are more afraid of being publicly ridiculed by someone who thinks that we are imposing on them? I though that freedom of speech allowed that. There is certainly not a problem with those brave union workers who fill state houses and shout obscenities to elected official who they disagree with. There is not a problem people trying to save animals picketing or even those who gather to debate who is the better team on college campuses all around our country. But display your desire to share the Gospel and we are forcing our morals down people’s throats. Shame on Christians for worrying about it, but shame on the way it is done too.
Maybe it is not what we are trying to say then. Maybe it is how we are saying it. Could it be that the way some are making a public mockery of Christianity is the problem. After all there are those who think that protesting a funeral of a fallen soldier somehow constitutes God’s love. (Sick Bastards) And before you get all “offended” on me, a bastard is an illegitimate child and I can’t believe that these are God’s children doing something so sick.
Maybe it’s that Christians should not be the type to so quickly tell someone they are going to hell before they even know them enough to share the love. Or maybe Christians don’t even need to go into public places to be rude and unaccepting when people can just walk into some churches on Sunday and “feel the love” if you are not like them.
Sounds harsh I know, but I get so irritated with the church having so much freedom here in the USA and taking it for granted. Jesus welcomed all in love and so many Christians today don’t know how to love. They get caught up in religious activities and weekly programs and miss the love that compels people to travel around the world to risk it all to share the gospel.
Today in Saudi Arabia thousands will risk their freedom and their lives to hear the Gospel. Sunday in the USA, many will struggle with the decision of going to worship or going to the lake. Today in Saudi Arabia, a man will risk his life and ability to return home so that others will hear the Gospel. Today in the USA many will not hear it because a Christian does not have the time, or doesn’t want to be embarrassed.
I pray that here in the USA, the church will learn to appreciate its freedom. That we will pray for men and women, who like my friend feel so strongly about how special Jesus is that they risk it all to tell others. I pray that we would do it in love. There is so much love to share that we could start today and not have to be rude and hateful to anyone for weeks. I pray that I will have the boldness to speak works of love and encouragement to others and that Christians in the USA would take advantage of the fact that we are free to speak.

One Comment to “Free to Speak”

  1. AMEN!!!!! Enough said! God bless you for speaking that BOLDLY!!!

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