Politics and Religion

by pastortimfowler

Politics and religion have always been difficult to talk about without someone getting mad. So in today’s blog I am probably going to make someone mad by talking about both of them.
I believe that God wants us to work for what we have. That does not mean that we should not take care of those who can’t provide for themselves, but I think it also means that people who are fully capable of working and won’t, should be left to suffer the consequences of their actions. In Paul’s 2nd letter to Thessalonica, chapter 3 verse 10 he said it this way; if someone doesn’t want to work they shouldn’t be allowed to eat.
It sounds harsh, but we are talking about moochers not those in need.
Some in politics today believe that if we level the playing field by taking from those who have a lot and giving to those who have less, that we can eliminate the poor in our country. I say that this is impossible. Why? Because Jesus said in John 12:8 that we will ALWAYS have the poor with us. By that He means those who are in need, not those who want a handout. You can’t politically eliminate the poor, you can only buy votes.
So what can we do? The church has been given the command to help those in need. It is not the government’s responsibility to help the needy, but it is the church’s. Every church should consider how this can be accomplished. It is really quite simple because God gave us the answer. It is based on the biblical principle of tithing and giving.
The tithe is 10% of your income. It is what every Christian is told to give to the Lord’s work. Other giving is done out of love and the necessity to help others if . If you don’t trust faith on this, then do the math.
The average income in America is $45,000 per year. 10% of that is $4500. The average church attendance in America is 170 people per church. If each person gave 10% it would equal. $765,000 per year or $14,711 per week. The average annual budget of churches in the US is $380,000…annually!
God’s plan will work if only God’s people will do His plan. We will always have the poor, but we don’t have the giving to take care of them.
No matter what side you are on politically, if you want to help those in need, give to the local church. If they aren’t using the money for what they should, give it to one that does and watch how soon the others fall in step.
If you are a Christian, trust God with your money like you trust Him with your salvation and watch others come to know Jesus in amazing numbers!


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  1. This was VERY, VERY good!!!

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