Plumbing worketh patience

by pastortimfowler

At about 10pm last night I get a call from my renter, who lives about an hour and a half from me, letting me know that there was water in the floor and they think it is from the water heater. So I rise bright and early and load up my tools and make the drive. About half way there I pass a gas station that had gas for $3.29 per gallon and thought that by the time I get back this way when I finish I will stop and take advantage of that. I did not stop going, because I had about a half tank and if I waited I could fill up and have close to a full tank for when I get home.
So I arrive and sure enough the old water heater is bad. I remove it and head to a home improvement store where I purchase everything I need to replace the old one with a new one. Did I mention that this was a mobile home? Do you know where water heaters are in mobile homes? They are in a closet, behind a panel. If you have ever lived in a mobile home you know that closets are small and usually full. This was true here.
I am 6’3″ and do not fit well in mobile home closets. And it is hard to lift water heaters in such a small space when you are that tall.
I get everything hooked up and ready to turn the water back on. I have installed many water heaters and have gotten pretty good at it. So I turn the water on and look in the closet to see a stream of water shooting up to the ceiling and it is coming from the braided connector that was recommended by the plumbing expert at the home improvement store. He did not know that it was a defective one, in his defense. So I turn off the water, drain and disconnect the braided connector and head back to the home improvement store to get a replacement.
Back in closet with my new connector I go and once it is replaced. I turn the water back on and look in the closet again. I noticed some water running down the side on the new water heater so I grabbed a towel and dried everything off from where the defective connector had leaked. Still there was water running down the side of the new water heater. Guess what? It has a leak. So I disconnected everything, drained the water, and loaded up the faulty water heater and went back to the home improvement store to get a replacement.
Because the home improvement store was 20 minutes away, and I had made a few extra trips, I was running out my gas. I kept thinking, I will be on empty when I get back to that station that has the cheap gas. It was also getting to be around 3:30pm and so the 20 minute drive turned into an hour drive because on the way home I got behind every school bus that I possibly could.
Finally back in the closet, I get the new water heater installed, turn on the water, flip the breaker and BOOM! the mobile home blew up. There was absolutely nothing left in the place where the mobile home once stood except the new water heater. Okay, I am kidding about the mobile home blowing up, but I was think it would be about par for the course if it did. Everything worked fine, except for my back.
So I load up my tools and headed for home. I made a stop into a place where I could have it my way because I skipped lunch. I usually eat lunch each day at home with a hot blond and rarely get it my way, but the view is worth it.
I am cruising up the highway watching my gas gauge get really close to empty but looking forward to paying about 15 cents per gallon less than back in my home-town. As I exit to the gas station, and pull up to the pump I noticed that the price was now $3.48 per gallon and I am on empty so a pumping I will go.
My only bright spot comes from pulling into my drive way, opening the door to be greeted by my dog who acted as if I had been gone for weeks. I turn the corner into the kitchen and there is a hot blond standing in the kitchen, very near where our water heater is, and the water heater is not leaking. In fact it is working fine, as I used almost every drop of that hot water in a long and much-needed shower.
Plumbing worketh patience.


4 Comments to “Plumbing worketh patience”

  1. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! This could only happen to a man of God! God’s probably telling you….go fishing! I’ve got the boat hooked up?! God bless

  2. WHAT a day!! (Ironically, Glenn just had to change out the water heater on our ‘rental’ mobile home, this past weekend.) 🙂

  3. well written article, i too am intrested in the plumbing

  4. A shower valve can certainly cause a leak downstairs. It may not be the valve, however. You may need to do some investigating to figure out the cause and then the solution.

    Perth Plumbing.

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