How much is it worth?

by pastortimfowler

Over the last few weeks I have spent about $750 getting my motorcycle ready for this riding season. With the price of gas steadily rising, I figure that I will save that much over the summer, especially if it gets any higher. I had someone ask me if I would really save that much and I was beginning wonder myself. So my question is, how much is it worth?
First of all there was an electrical problem that had been temporarily fixed last year by disconnecting some emergency cut off switches. These have nothing to do with gas but everything to do with safety and my life if worth more than the $200 that fixed that problem. Then there was a problem with the carburetor that was causing it to run really rough. That was costing me gas and the danger of getting stranded somewhere which really tests my nerves and you can’t put a price on sanity, so I think that there was a good use of $200 spent on that one. I needed a new speedometer cable because the old one had begun to make some weird noises. If that were to break I could get a ticket for speeding costing me hundreds in fines and increased insurance costs. Another well spent $25 dollars. My rear shocks were bad causing uneven tire wear and a rough ride. I enjoy riding and if the ride is rough I lose enjoyment and what is the price of that? Tires are very expensive as you will see next, so saving on wear and tear is worth the $25 spent on shocks and, these were replaced for much less than what brand new ones would have been at nearly $800. I had to replace my rear tire, $180 for tire and mounting. Because there are only two tires between me and the road, it only makes sense to have good ones. Worth it. Then there was the brakes that needed replacing. As much as I like riding, I like stopping even better, especially when everyone in front of me is stopped. $150 was worth it.
So I figured that if I rode out 35 tanks of gas on my motorcycle this season instead of truck, I will make back every dollar spent on these repairs. Add to the fact that I like riding the Holy Kaw and there is cost for upkeep in most everything we do, I think it was worth it.
Wouldn’t it be cool if we kept such good accounts of how much our salvation is worth and what it cost to obtain it? Imagine if we had to justify the time that we went to church, shared our faith, services that we did for others and even our money that we give to the church and others in the name of our salvation. Would you be able to say it is worth it? Did you get a good deal? Is it valuable enough to do the things that we know will make us better, stronger, and yes, even safer? Here is a real important question. Are we treating our salvation as if we were saving gas, or are we treating it as if we enjoy it and look for reasons to put into action all that we know?
Considering the fact that salvation cost Jesus Christ total humiliation and death on the cross, and our only cost is humbling ourselves enough to ask for forgiveness, can we justify the life we live when someone asks us, How much is it worth?
I could have let most of the things I mentioned go for a bit longer, but my motorcycle would not be everything I wanted it to be. It was worth everything I did to get the most out of it.
Our lives as Christians are far more valuable than motorcycles. If our lives are not what they should be, it may cost someone else to question if it is worth it too. Let’s count the cost, defend our faith, and enjoy the ride. It is worth it!


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