Killer Bees

by pastortimfowler

One of my favorite things to do is get outside and look at what creation puts in front of me. Blogging outside helps my mind to flow with brilliance and often my brain will nearly burst into flames from the streams of brightness. You know what I’m talking about.
Today I am sitting outside looking at all the things that I agree with God about; flowers, green grass, cool breezes, and ants. I do wish that God would have got my input on bees, especially killer bees.
There are only 2 living things that God created that I am afraid of, horses and bees. Horses are easy to deal with because they are large and rarely do they fly through the window of my truck. Bees on the other hand will just appear out of nowhere. Sometimes they get through windows that have never been opened and they always seem to find me.
So I am looking up at the tree that is in our front yard. It is one of those that produce the helicopter looking whirly things. Right now it has a bunch of tassels hanging off it and they conveniently color my truck yellow every night while it is parked. So what do you think is flying around my tree right now? That’s right. Killer bees. Thousands of killer bees are buzzing around my tree and I am waiting on them to decide which of my movements they don’t like so that they give the signal and swarm to cover me in painful stings, then carry me away to their nests to feed me to their children.
Horses would never do that. They just like to bite me and lean against trees while I try to ride them.
My neighbor, a crazy old man, tried to tell me that they were not killer bees but rather honey bees and that this happens every year during Spring. He says they won’t swarm and rarely sting when they are in the tree so high up. He says that I am paranoid and that bees can sense fear in people and that is what usually cause them to become curious and occasionally sting. Right…honey bees.
I see them looking at me with their multi-faceted eyes. As I was walking in from my truck earlier when one of them swept down and buzzed my head, but I didn’t panic because I knew that I had this blog to get out and that if I stayed calm and ran as fast as I could that I could get into the house before they sounded the attack signal.
I let my dogs out first before I came out to blog. I figured if someone had to die and be carried off to be fed to baby bees it could be one of them.
So far so good. We are all still here. But I do wish God would have gotten my opinion on horses and killer bees first.


2 Comments to “Killer Bees”

  1. Are you SURE they weren’t honey bees? Honey bees go after things that are sweet, ya know? I’m getting attacked ALL the time. Yup…ALL the time. Heehee!

  2. if God consulted you first, we’d most likely be calling you Pastor Adam rather than Pastor Tim and you’d sure be an old guy (you’d still around b/c i know Pastor JoAnne wouldn’t have eaten that apple) Noah would have built a Titanic that didn’t sink and I wouldn’t have to weed the garden JT is getting ready to plant… he wouldn’t plant it by the sweat of his brow either… have you seen his farmer Joe pix??? lol but well, you are Pastor Tim and the world is what it is…

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s blog!

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