Spaghetti at the Japanese Steakhouse

by pastortimfowler

My son and daughter wanted to take me with them to a Japanese steakhouse for lunch after church. With us were 4 kids under the age of 6. I love my grandkids and love to listen to them talk about things that are interesting to them. It is funny how little things fascinate them and the things that an adult finds interesting just has no appeal to kids.
The first thing that was funny to them was when the cook poured water on the grill and the steam rose up to the vent. Then he prepared to light the oil on fire and that did nothing for the kids. Next he started cooking the fried rice by cracking an egg with the spatula and they were amazed that he was cooking eggs, not the tricks he did to crack the eggs.
Next was the lo mien noodles. All he did was lay a hand-full on the grill, nothing else. Then he started cutting shrimp and chicken and steak while flipping the knife and fork and banging the salt and pepper shakers and flipping them. I was amazed that he didn’t burn himself and the kids were all fascinated that he was cooking spaghetti.
Japanese steakhouses are not the best place in the world to take kids. They do not sell cheeseburgers or chicken nuggets or french fries. They sell rice and stirfry veggies and real meats like chicken and steak. The soup has green and brown things floating in it and it is loud. Surprisingly the loudness bothered the kids more than the adults. But one thing that they did like and I would have never though about it was spaghetti at the Japanese steakhouse.


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