Some people are just clueless

by pastortimfowler

I have the privilege of being the pastor of one of the greatest churches that I have ever seen. I know that is said by many pastors, but I think that I have the statistics to validate it. And yet there are still some who find fault and make claims that we are not all that. Some people are clueless.
We average about 120 on Sunday mornings when you count children and workers in the nursery and children’s areas. Today during a work day where we started at 9am and did not finish until 2pm, there were as many as 25 people working at any one time. 20% of your church doing anything volunteer is a lot. We have about 65% of our church attending a small group on any given week. The average church only has about 25% attend Sunday School, which we don’t have, but it is still a small group no matter what you call it.
Last year we had a slow and rather rough year for our church. We only baptized about 40 people. Most churches our size would love to see 12 baptized. This year we have already seen 18 salvations and many of them will be baptized soon. Our membership is growing because people are taking ownership. You see members have rights but owners have responsibilities. Only 1 or 2 Sundays this years have we not seen a new family or person visiting our church. Many of those are choosing to stay and are bringing their friends.
Our giving, which is a sore spot for many churches to talk about has increased by almost 50% this year alone. Ministries are being started and funded and are healthy in all areas. Considering the average age of our church is probably 30-35, and most are people who are new Christians or people who were hurt in a previous church and are just coming back, that financial status is amazing. It often takes people a while to trust God with their finances.
Despite all this and I know I can share more, there are still one or two who would say that we are not doing things right and not what they would like to see in a church. I would like to say that they are not in many of the amazing statistics that I just shared either, so it is no wonder that they are clueless.
My job as pastor is to love the folks that God has given me to watch over. To teach them about the love and grace of God. To encourage them to serve and to tell others about their church and their Savior. But not to kiss butt, babysit, or play favorites. Oh yeah, I have the responsibility of protecting our church even from someone who refuses to see the good and only point out the negative and to try to do so with love.
As long as there are people in churches, there will be imperfections. My prayer is that eyes will be open to look at the good and speak loudly about it, and to see the negative and find solutions if there is a problem and to be quiet unless you are part of the solution. We are different by choice and that can be hard to understand, but we love the Lord and love each other and even love those who think we don’t care.
I hope that you don’t read this and start thinking of who I could be talking about. Most will never know. Many pastors face this same thing but far greater than I ever have at The Body. My goal is to love more, forgive more, teach more, offer solutions to problems and not complain. That is what most everyone in our church does and I can’t be more proud!
But some people are clueless.

2 Comments to “Some people are just clueless”

  1. You can be sure if you are doing God’s will, playing a part in expanding the Kingdom of God, the enemy is going to come against you in different ways. We want to be God pleasers, not man pleasers. Those with itching ears can surely find a pastor willing to scratch it, but I’m glad its not my pastor. 🙂

  2. I happen to have a very wise pastor. (Deflate your head at the end of reading this). I also happen to attend a church that is filled with folks that use the term “family” a lot when referring to their fellow church members.
    Yesterdays work day was a great ‘test’ of how close our “family” is. With the turnout and the work accomplished, I’d say we’re a pretty rockin’ “family”!
    From my wise pastor, I’ve learned that life is all about serving God…which means showing and sharing love, forgiveness, a sense of understanding…So, for ME, I’ll pray for the clueless.

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