Is There Any Way To Fix That?

by pastortimfowler

When I was a kid, I had a bit of a destructive nature. I liked to take things apart and did not care about getting them back together. I liked playing Army with my plastic army men and GI Joe and have them blow up Barbie’s House and anything else that might be lying around. One day I went a bit overboard and GI Joe blew up something of my dad’s and when mom saw it she told me that dad would probably kill me when he got home. So naturally I asked my mom if there was any way to fix what I had broken. She said, “No, you are going to die and I am not sure if I will miss you at least for a few days”.
I did not die that day. I sometimes think that death would have been better, but still, no death. My dad lectured me for quite a while after the beating on how I needed to respect other people’s property and that I was not the one who bought it, even my own stuff, and how the poor little children on Africa only had sticks and rocks to play with. It did not help that I commented that they also did not have windows or radios to break with them either.
Eventually the lecture was over and I asked my dad to forgive me, hoping he would say that he would lift my restrictions, but he didn’t. After sitting in my room for a few hours I remembered that my dad had fixed a lot of other stuff that I had broken before. I wondered if he could possible fix this. So I ran into the living room and said, “Dad, I know I said I’m sorry and you forgave me, but can’t you just fix it? You can fix anything!
This is where I would like to say that he found my admiration of him so wonderful that he said yes, took me into the garage and helped teach me to fix what I broke and we all lived happily ever after and the restriction was lifted, but, that didn’t happen. Instead I got another week of restriction for coming out of my room so many times that first night of restriction. He also said, and I am cleaning this up quite a bit, that I had messed things up so bad the no one in the whole fabulous world could fix it.
Sometimes we can feel like this with God. Sometimes we get so carried away with what we are doing that we forget that God owns the world and everything in it.
I believe that God will punish us when we purposefully mess up. I have felt His “restrictions” many times myself. But one thing that God can do that my dad could not is fix anything, any situation, no matter how bad we mess things up.
His forgiveness is complete, His restoration is full, and His love for us is endless. When you ask God “is there any way to fix that?” He will say “It is finished”, Jesus took care of it all.


One Comment to “Is There Any Way To Fix That?”

  1. I came across your blog while following a string of fb status posts. I do also believe that God can “fix anything, any situation, no matter how bad we mess things up”, & I’m looking for Him to do that in my life.

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