Excited about Church

by pastortimfowler

I have been going to church almost every Sunday for nearly 20 years and you may find this hard to believe but I am almost always excited to go. Every now and then I get the blues or maybe I am a little under the weather and I just go through the motions, but for the most part I really love going to church. I think it has a lot to do with the church that I go to, and I know it has to do with the God that I go to worship.
My church is full of weird and wacky people who at least act like they like me. When I walk in and they see me, there is a genuine smile that happens and most of the time it is followed by a hug or a kiss, even from some of the guys. (But those are manly hugs and kisses.) When I get to greet people as they walk in, the smiles and hugs and kisses continue. Jesus said that people will know that we are His disciples by the way we love each other. There is no doubt that people know that we are disciples of Jesus at The Body then.
One of me favorite things to do as pastor is to call first time guests following their visit. Over half the time the comment is the same; “They felt loved and welcome.” That usually means that they are coming back. It is easy for a church to grow when the people of the church are like our people are.
God is the main reason I love going to church. I get to be used by Him to share a special message to people and to lead folks into a relationship with Him. That is cool!
It took a few years to learn how to have a real relationship with God. After all, you can’t see Him or touch Him. But I do feel Him in my life. I see the way He uses me, my church, and others in ways that are described in the Bible, which is His word and the main way that He talks to me.
I see ordinary people in scriptures that are called to change people’s live and how God uses those things to affirm His love for us. I see how there is nothing “sugar-coated” in His word. Sometimes I wish it were, but God wants us to know that He is real and that He doesn’t use super humans who have it all together, but instead He uses messed up people to funnel His power through.
I get to worship Him on Sundays and I get to see how the efforts of people who have prayed and shared love all week-long, comes to a head and so often ends with them accepting the love and forgiveness of God through Jesus. WOW!!! God lets me be part of that.
But this Sunday is one of those special Sundays that I am even more excited about. All week God has been showing me incredible stuff and I have felt His presence in my life in a very intimate way. God is always the same, but for some reason He allows us to know from time to time that the “same” for God is so wonderful, incredible, awesome, spectacular, loving…that we can’t comprehend it, but He wants to let us try. Kind of makes you want to shout or something.
And here is something else to think about, and some will call it coincidence, and that’s okay ’cause God is in control of those too. But this Sunday can’t get here soon enough for me and tonight, we turn the clocks ahead and hour for Day Light Savings Time. He is speeding things up, just for me!
Come on Sunday!!!


One Comment to “Excited about Church”

  1. You have such a pastor’s heart sir. It is amazing to me when I watch God in you come out and get all over people. I am glad to know you and be considered one of the weird people in your life.

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