My wife is famous!

by pastortimfowler

My Wife Makes Beautiful Cakes

Today was a day that launched my wife into the hall of fame in blogdom. She has been blogged about by 2 of our 3 children. I read each of these blogs and found them to be eerily truthful. Sometimes the truth is hard to hear especially when you are her. There is so much to blog about.
My daughter wrote about not getting a cake. It is true, but… This is the same girl who constantly swears that she needs to lose weight and runs and works out and yet still whines about not getting a cake. My wife on the other hand did give her a cake this year or so she said and I am sure it is gone by now. Daughter, you got the cake because I reminded your mother. My wife makes great cakes!
My son blogged the most revealing and probably truthful blog. As our oldest son and the middle child we did beat him often. He needed it. My wife however threatened my beatings far more than anything else. As much as she enjoyed beating him, she was not good at it. My wife makes great cakes!
My youngest son has disappointed me so far by not blogging about his mother today but in his defense his real mother, we think, lives in Zimbabwe. Being a musician, he did write a song about her that to this day brings tears to everyone’s eyes; tears from laughing so hard. My wife is very funny; not always on purpose. My wife makes great cakes!
I try to stay away from blogging about my wife. I have to live with her. My children have all moved away and have children of their own. They have all recovered from living with her. My wife is a great mom who makes great cakes. But I continue living with her; 30 plus years I have lived with her. I fix her coffee, cook her meals, and raised her children to honor and respect her. She is a great wife and makes great cakes.
Welcome to a life of fame honey!

One Comment to “My wife is famous!”

  1. I have come to enjoy the blogging of the entire Fowler clan…get both serious and funny. Very impressive!

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