Love who? How?

by pastortimfowler

I was listening to an oldies station the other day and got upset that it was called an oldies station because these were the songs that I grew up with. Oldies were supposed to be the songs mom and dad use to listen to, right? Anyway, there were a lot of songs about love and some weird ideas of what love is. One song said that if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with. I got to thinking about this and it made me reconsider a few things.

I think that this would be a great title for a song about Jesus. He said that we should love even our enemies. He said that He was going to have to go away and that we, his church should love those around us with the same love that he loves us. So, if we can’t be with him, Jesus, (the one we love), then we should love the one we’re with.
His kind of love is not the sexual, sensual love that most songs are about, instead it is real. The world’s definition of love can range from warm fuzzy feelings to having sex with someone and a wide range of stuff in between. But the Bible tells us that love is patient, kind, giving, not-self centered, doesn’t hold grudges and such. It is really hard even love the ones we’re with that way much less love those we had rather not be around.
Funny that the first description of love is patience. This is found in 1Corinthians 13 by the way. Patience is what is lacking in our society. We are told that we deserve everything and deserve it now. No waiting, just instant gratification. When you really love someone we all know that no one really changes over night and therefore patience is needed. Patience allows us to continue to give our heart to someone who hasn’t given theirs yet. And I am talking about those that we are with, in a loving relationship.
But for us to love those whom we don’t want to be with, strangers, belligerent co workers, backstabbers and such, we must really be patient. We must realize that God is in control and He loves even our worst enemies enough to give His Son to die in our place.
Patience, kindness, and selflessness are the beginning of showing others God’s love so that they may see that these were the steps of love that He took for us.
If you love Jesus, you can’t be with the one you love, Jesus, (right now), then love the one you’re with. Love them with Christ’s love, no matter who they are, friend or foe.


One Comment to “Love who? How?”

  1. What of those who have chosen to not love the one they are with, i.e. a spouse? What then? Should they work to restore that relationship, or is it okay to divorce or leave or to live an adulterous life? It would appear that if forgiveness comes so easily, than ignoring God’s will for marriage to take your own path is okay or almost encouraged if personal happiness is what is to be at the core of our drive in life.


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