Looking like my dad

by pastortimfowler

Dad and son

My beautiful wife and I took the weekend to go see our youngest son and his wife in there new home a couple of hours away. He took a job that require them to relocate so we had not seen them in a couple of months and were excited about hanging out with them for a while.

We were all sitting around in their living room talking when his wife said something about how much my son looked like the wife’s side of the family. Now I had always thought he was different, but never said it. My other two kids seem to look more like their dear old dad and we call them the beautiful ones. (LOL)

My wife loves to take pictures but often forgets the camera. This time she remembered it and pictures were flying. As soon as we got home she posted them on Facebook where you can now see them free of charge. I was sitting there minding my own business by seeing what everyone else was doing through Facebook, when I saw the new pictures. That was when it hit me hard; I look SO much like my dad! I have always been told this and never really cared, but all of a sudden it was like my dad had come back to life and had his picture taken.

The funny thing is, several years ago, my other son was in my office looking at a picture on my wall of me and my dad when I was a kid. My son, said to me, ‘Dad, I don’t remember having this picture of us taken.’ He thought it was him and me, but when I told him that it was my dad and me he could not believe it.

I know that many kids look a lot like one parent or the other. It is not a freak of nature, it is simply nature. Not only do we often look a lot like our parents but we often act like them, for good or bad.

So many times in my life I have had people say to me that I was my father made over or that I act just like him.
Then today I was reading through the Bible and read about Mary as she was told that God would be the father of her baby. How he grew and became more and more like his father. I wonder how many times Mary said to Jesus, “You are just like you daddy!”?

You know what is funny? People who are Christians, (born again), have the same father as Jesus.
Wouldn’t it be cool if people said about us, “You act just like your Daddy!”? I am not sure how He looks, but I know I was created in His image, so God must be a tall, handsome, bald guy.

WOW! I look like my Dad!

Who do people see when they look at you? I know many see my dad, and I am okay with that. What I really want is for them to see my Heavenly Dad, God.


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